Friday, April 18, 2008

Shanty Kids

The idea of Shanty Kids was conceptualized by my ex-boss, Mr Yong Teck Meng, National Director (then) of Habitat For Humanity Singapore in 2007. Artwork & Design was refined and modelled by me using sculpey clay.

Boss was thinking of creating a mascot to represent Habitat and thus Shanty Kids was born. They represents the homeless children all around the world. Initially, ShantyKids were meant to be thank-you gifts for our kind sponsors. Then we wanted to mass-produced them and sell them as merchandise where funds will go to our builds for the homeless. Unfortunately, we couldn't get enough funding and thus ShantyKids project was "frozen". It's really such a pity.

Shanty Baby

ShantyKids Plaque

Ah Du and His Dog

We had collaboration with the local Ocean Butterfly Records.
Mr Xu Huan Liang wrote a song "家" and Ah Du sang it for us.
Wanted to make this as a thank-you gift... can't remember what happened in the end...

Mural Painting @ SGH - A Fruitful Year 2007!

Found these pictures which were taken in 2007, some time near Chinese New Year. My first art commission after my NAFA graduation at SGH. We were trying to bring some cheer to the patients in the hospital by collaborating with the SGH patients and volunteers to create a 15m wall mural of trees, fruits, butterflies and animals.


beany fruits and painted butterflies done by SGH volunteers and patients

Me, drawing the trees

completed work part 1

completed work part2 (the wall is so long and the
corridor is too narrow for me to capture everything)
details - fruits on the trees