Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eric Carle's Art Lessons

Eric Carle is one of my favorite Children Book author/illustrator. I strongly feel that all children must read his vibrantly illustrated and child-friendly books! In this last term of the year at Braddell Heights, I introduced Eric Carle to my 2 classes.

Lesson 1 - Let's make lots of beautiful colour paper like these!

Lesson 2 - We cut and paste them, turning them into pictures!
Spotty Turtle and Flowers - Jairus 6 years old

Crecent-pattern Shell Turtle - Nikhail 5 years old

Smiley Turtle - Raghav 5 years old.

For the older kids class, I let them make 2 pictures and join them up together. I also taught them how to make the sea with blue and white streaked paints and mixing random colours for the sky.
  Cat on the cloud looking at Fish and Corals below - Gabriel, 6 years old.
Super Cat flying above Big Fish. - Gek Kai 7 years old
Flying Cat & People and (japanese-looking) Big Fish caught on the fishing line.
- Nicole 6 years old.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sandpaper Art Workshop @ APSN Delta Senior School

APSN Delta Senior School is a vocational school for teenagers age 17-18years old with learning disabilities. It is like a university where the "highest functioning" special kids proceed to be trained for work in the mainstream society. In the school. they are split into 4 different vocations according to their capabilities - Gardening, Hospitality, F&B and Janitorial.

My first impression of this school is that the teachers and students are very warm and helpful. Maybe because it is small school so everybody knows one another. The first thing a teacher or student spotted me - a stranger in the school, they will take the initiative to ask how they can assist me. It is very unlike of a typical teenager - most likely they will act cool and walk past me.

Anyway, these are some of the works I did with the students that day: 


This boy's drawing is fantastic. He can draw from his imagination.

This girl is so cute. She is already thinking about Christmas! Just before I left, she gave me a hug.

See the word "Ji Nian Pin"? Haha...
This boy must had fallen deeply in love
with the "Fated to Love You" Taiwanese Idol Drama!