Monday, March 23, 2009

The Star That Lost its Light

It was my dream to publish a storybook by the age of 30. I did it 3 years earlier. :)

"I never knew that she was watching me..."

Mr Night seem to be very popular to the kids I read to.
They get so excited that they will hide under the table.

I think this is my favourite work.


 Cover page. I find that my back cover is nicer than the front

Don't know why the printed colour (this cover) is so funny and different from my original works (the above 4).
Maybe cos of my scanning which result in the harsh-cold colours. The Art Director adviced me to get a DSLR to shoot all my works into digital format. Unfortunately, nobody wants to lend me during that time when I was rushing the artworks.. Haiz.... Anyway many friends told me that my book is nice, it's good to hear that. Maybe it's just my perfectionism. =P

If you are really curious what's the story about and don't want to spend a cent, you can check out my book title in the national library. (I am such a lousy sales girl, I know.) I never thought of earning a cent from this book, I'm more keen to share my story. ;)

Storytelling & craftwork @ Queenstown Library

My 1st book fan who asked for my autograph @ Kino Storytelling! *Happy*

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