Monday, January 18, 2010

Worm's Eye View

Worm's Eye View is actually a term I first heard from my animator friend. When it comes to animation, comic drawing and storybook illustration you must "stitch" different camera views/ perspectives of pictures together in order to make the story/cartoon more interesting. So worm's eye view means looking or placing the camera at ground level, while bird's eye view means looking from the top. Very interesting and common-sense right?

I invited my Braddell Heights and Toa Payoh classes to imagine what they might see if they are a worm popping out of the ground. Some understood the concept which I want to bring out, some look from a very special worm's eye perspective - which were really interesting!

7 year old Gek Kai, saw giant car wheels, a man's pants
and shoes, a tree with its roots and a worm stadium.

6 year old Nikhail literally draw the perspective of a huge worm
basking on a leaf with some "furnitures" around him under the sun

6 year old Raghav understood my worm's eye view pretty well!
I like the close up detail of the tree trunk texture especially.

6 year old Siyao understood worm's eye view too!
She draw a huge chair, a tree, a girl and a book with
the theme of ribbons.

6 year old Jesse drew a worm sitting on its chair and
watching a huge well-detailed playground in front of him.

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