Monday, August 2, 2010


It's been quite some time since I last post anything here. For the past few months, other than teaching, I am preparing the arrival of my first baby, she's expecting to due in mid-Sept. Now I am beginning to end all my classes one-by-one, so that I can go for maternity break by mid-Aug.

Today's my last lesson with Lisa She is one of my private home class student. Lisa is presently 5 years old and I have taught her since January this year. I find it very encouraging to observe her progress from beginning till now.

Her first 2 lessons drawings were like these:

Eventually we try to draw bigger and add more details

Then we try to fill up the whole background

I tried to challenge her creativity with cut-out shapes, see what she can produce:

Girl with big circle hat, rocks and 2 sun

Random fold-and-cut shapes: Mother's Day Drawing.
She did the arrangement and everything all by herself.
Lisa really put her whole heart in this for her mummy. So sweet!

We also had fun experimenting with handprints, wet-on-wet and splattering paints

Tarzan, Monkey and Jane


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