Monday, August 23, 2010

Inez Fong. 6 years old

I ended another home student class few days ago. Inez is a talented art student. She can draw alot of animals before I started teaching her last year Dec. Her brush control is also very stable most of the time. My main focus for her was to introduce her basic colour theory and different kinds of art techniques.

Blending with oil pastel

oil pastel resist water-colour

Colour theory - warm colours

Draw and paint base on a fairytale.
She can copy from storybook illustrations very well.

She learned the concept of composing a picture in layers
by painting 3 different pictures and combine them together.
Sh named this "Hide and Seek"

Still Life (toys) painting on canvas board with acrylic paint.
She loves writing text on her paintings.

Paint Scratching Technique

Origami and painting. Only the old man is drawn by me.
The pink banner says "Ocean and the sea by fish"
So cute!

Using patterns to fill up the whole landscape.

Family Outing to Universal Studios. Inez manage to capture the proportions very well.

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