Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still Life in Marker and Watercolour at Braddell Heights RC

Still Life Subject - elephant, bear, flowers on straw mat

I gave my class the freedom to select their colours and background treatment for their Still Life

Gabriel, 6 years old.  
He can capture the walking elephant,
front-and-back & proportion of the objects very well.


Gek Kai, 7 years old. 
He was unable to start drawing the Still Life at the beginning,
after a little prompting, I am very surprised with the result!

Nicole 6 years old
She is the only student who bothers to draw the straw mat!
The other 2 boys were just not interested.  I like her drawing the most,
it will be better if she use a different colour for the
background so that the flowers will stand out.

I suddenly feel that these students have grown up. I was really happy with their works, they have improved so much! I wonder whether it is because that their motor skills has improve as they grow older (all will be in Primary school next year) or because their drawing and observation skills have improved. All their proportions and front-and-backs were captured really well. Last night, I witness their drawing expressions - they were observing so meticulously.

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